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Ascot Racecourse outing (October 10)

Ascot Racecourse outing

Beavers had an exciting trip to Ascot Racecourse: pretending to be jockeys, horses, racegoers, Stewards and The Queen.

We had a fascinating behind the scenes tour, seeing all the private secrets of the jockeys' hide-outs. The tour started with a trot around the parade ring for the Beavers and then the opportunity to be Her Majesty on the presentation podium. All Beavers were expertly turned out, with glossy manes and shiny teeth.

Our tour of the jockeys' rooms had us start with a weigh-in. Every Beaver happily stood on the scales; the Leaders were a bit less keen in displaying their weight to all... Then it was off to the changing rooms to try on the silks, explore the showers and look at the saunas (to make those jockeys and Beavers even smaller).

We then trotted out to the racetrack itself and the first ever 5.40 Beaver Stakes was held (half a furlong, going good to firm). The race was a classic from start to finish, with Cole shooting off first but falling mid way. The middle of the race saw crowding on the rails and confused Beavers heading the wrong direction. But steady on the outside came the eventual winner, by a woggle, Samuel.

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We were taken to the top of the grandstand to see the best view of the track - from the stewards' box. We saw the photo finish line and the Beavers' Inquiry concluded that a fantastic time was had by all of them. It was then made even better by the trip to the champagne bar, turned into the orange squash bar for the evening, and a goody bag to take home.

Our thanks to all at the Racecourse for a memorable Beaver evening.



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