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Christmas Show 2011

The biannual bonanza that is the Sunningdale Scout Christmas Show returned to Cordes Hall for one night of laughter, songs, acting, and ramblings by Sunningdale's very own Christmas Elf - Doug.


CubsBeavers 004.jpg  CubsBeavers 020.jpg


To a packed house (tickets sold out faster than a Take That gig), the Beavers took the stage to start off the evening. There followed a series of sketches that had made a group of 6 and 7 year old boys roll about in laughter during practice, and fortunately it seemed that their parents had exactly the same sense of humour. The Beavers had learned their lines brilliantly, and the audience loved the jokes including, of course, that Orlando and the Lemonade one... (you can see a video of that on our facebook page - see the link to the right).


After a break (in the curtain, and in the performance), the Cubs performed their Crisis at Christmas play. How they managed to remember all those lines, sing those songs, act, wear costumes and look happy throughout is beyond me. They were truly amazing, and the audience was enthralled by their performances. And, with the cameo by Doug and his story about shoes, it was a great show.


Well done to all those involved, to the parents who came and supported us all so heartily, and most of all to the Beavers and Cubs


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