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DIY Day (Jan 11)

Hammers + saws + scredrivers + tape measures + Beavers = lots of DIY fun.


Getting our Beavers into well-trained DIY skills seems a good idea - how to hammer safely, how to handle a saw, how to use a screwdriver ('You only need to turn the screwdriver, not yourself...') and using a tape measure. Blocks of wood were sawn in half and old pallets filled with numerous nails, most of which went in straight. The measuring the Scout Hut test produced wildly different results between the groups - note to all: do not rely on accuracy from your Beaver if he helps out...










 'When I nod my head, you hit it'


The Beavers enjoyed their evening of noisy bashing and sawing, and all achieved with no injuries! Phew!


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