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Film talk

Film talk (Feb 13)

It was a time for adventure. It was a time for action.

Somewhere in Sunningdale on a Monday evening a group of Beavers had a mission - could they find out how films were made, without any mention of food?

Well, we were visited by Sam Sharp's dad, Matt, who has worked on many films and TV programmes, including Jack the Giant Killer, Harry Potter films (or 'The Potters', as we in the biz call them), and Lara Croft (I think he liked making that film...). Matt told us about the secrets of film making, explosions and adventure. We saw exclusive behind the scenes shots and film of making Thor, and even got to take home a genuine piece of volcanic rock from the set of the film.

Fantastic questions from the Beavers, including how much money it all costs (thanks George) and - of course - the most important question for any film-goer: what does the crew have for breakfast?

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