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Football champions

(WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS !!!!! (July 09)


Well what can I say, it was a real joy coaching these kids – what a team, winning every match, scoring 20 goals, conceding none and thereby taking the title of ‘South East Berks 6-Aside Champions’  WELL DONE kids.


Sunningdale Squad: Agile Alex, Brilliant Beau, Courageous Christopher, Dynamic Danny, Determined Dylan, Thundering Theo, & Tomahawk Thomas.    Special thanks to Beau who showed great sportsmanship by covering for shortages in the Sunningdale cubs.  With Beau’s departure and one no show, it meant everyone played the maximum number of matches and will probably be tucked up in bed early tonight with medals held tightly to their chests – I will be!


Before the tournament, we had two practice sessions where we concentrated on a couple of tactics:  Finding space, communicating to team mates and marking the opposition.  At the end of the second session I was amazed to see these things starting to work... was this too good to be true...?  Even the British & Irish lions took 6 weeks to get into their stride.... obviously these Beavers were made of sterner stuff than the Lions!


Today the weather looked ominous, but rain held off most of the day and when it did rain the Sunningdales were tucked away in the Sunning dome.  We had a great start to the tournament, scoring a couple of goals in the first few minutes to settle the nerves (mostly mine).   Every kid showed grit and determination.  Whenever the opposition took possession no quarter was given in taking the ball back.  I think I can recall a couple of opportunities during the whole tournament when the opposition threatened, but on every occasion either outstanding cover defence or the brilliant hands of Danny or Chris protected the clean sheet.  Fabio Capello would have been signing these kids up in an instant had he been around to witness it.


During the last match tired legs began to show but the kids fought on.  Even at the end everything we practiced in training was played out on the pitch and we produced an impressive display of how great teamwork makes for good results.  During one match another Beaver coach even asked if we could back off to make the score sheet look more respectable – a complement indeed!


So here are the Results / Stats: 


Game 1 v 2nd Sharks – 6-0

Tomahawk Tomi (4); Thundering Theo (2)


Game 2 v 1st Ascot – 5-0

Tomahawk Tomi (3); Thundering Theo (2)


Game 3 v South Ascot – 6-0

Tomahawk Tomi (3); Thundering Theo (2); Determined Dylan (1)


Game 4 v 2nd Whales – 3-0

Tomahawk Tomi (2); Agile Alex (1)


Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable day, and for saving my bacon by rescuing the Chobham Rugby u8s tent!


Please give all the kids a big pat on the back for enjoying themselves, playing their best, playing fair and making their coach proud J 


All the best


...a tired Drew


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