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Guy Fawkes Night

Guy Fawkes Night (Nov 10)

Making things, burning things, singing things. Sounds like a good Beaver night to me!

Beavers got to appreciate 400 years of tradition with an evening session at Earlywood. We arrived as dusk fell and armed with old clothes to make our Guys. Creativity led to some fantastically-clad Mr Fawkes's, with smiley faces, very smart trousers, shirts, and even a pair of trainers.

After a talk about the history of The Gunpowder Plot (which the Beavers updated to modern day - they thought Guy Fawkes would have been tipped off by his mates sending a text message...), we went out into the night. A super fire had been lit and then the Guys ceremonially thrown on top of the blazing pile. Splendid sparks and leaping flames kept the Beavers enthralled.

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We then had rounds of our favourite scouting songs, thoroughly disturbing those residents of South Ascot who have the misfortune of living next to Earlywood when Sunningdale Beavers are on the site. The lusty singing and roaring fire kept us warm on a cold November evening.


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