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Land of our Beavers

Made in Wales - a night of everything Welsh (March 11)


What do you think of on St David's Day? Daffodils? Leeks? Sheep? Beavers? Yes! Well, we did too, so we got making all things Welsh.


Why do Welsh folk wear vegetables and flowers on themselves on St David's Day? Well, we learned that the leek is because of a battle against the English which took place in a field of leeks, and the Welsh soldiers wore leeks to distinguish themselves from the enemy. And then, in the Welsh language, 'leek' is quite similar to 'daffodil' (and probably just looks nicer too and less smelly).


We learned about the Welsh flag, which has a dragon on. Which led us on to a series of wonderful plays by the Beavers involving acting out as knights, dragons, castles and (for one unlucky Beaver in each group) a princess ("Eughhh!!"). Lots of slaying of dragons followed, with trusty steeds riding into battle; Cole's over-acting this time matched only by Billy's fantastic performance, and a guest role by Robin as a fairy.


Click on any image to start slideshow


Painting Welsh things next - leeks and daffodils - with some very artistically inspired efforts.


So - Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant hapus! as they say in Wales (I think).


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