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Making monkey feeders

And you thought your beaver ate a lot... Well, the monkeys at the sanctuary eat even more. And they have worse table manners (probably).

We helped the Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary prepare the feeders for their monkeys and baboons. They like a bit of a challenge to get to their food - if it's just handed to them on a plate (literally) they don't have any activities and test to get to the food. So the food is cunningly hidden inside big long cardboard tubes stuffed with straw too. Then the monkeys can dig around and tear up the tubes and get the tasty treats. Clever! Why not try it at home? Put a few haribos into a toilet tube and see how your beaver enjoys the challenge...


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We also had an update from the Sanctuary about our adopted monkeys. They are very happy and enjoy the attention we are giving them. We should also see some photos soon of the monkeys enjoying their feeders.

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