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Mud pies

Mud Pies

We had SUCH a great time making (& eating MUD PIES) with Susan Hansen (Sebastian's Mum) that I thought I would put the recipe in our Blog as well!


175g butter

1 chocolate bar for topping

125g castor sugar

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

125g mixed dried fruit

250g broken biscuits

chocolate strands


Saucepan, knife, wooden spoon, bake tin, foil


Shovel up all of the ingredients in a saucepan, pack the earth down hard into the tin, pop into the fridge and tip out when ready. Add more mud and serve

1. ADULT REQUIRED - melt the butter (don't get it too hot, just melt it)

2. Add cocoa powder & sugar (take the pan off the heat to do this)

3. Now add the fruit & biscuits

4. Mix it all up

5. Put foil in the tin

6. Pour in the mix

7. Press it down

8. place it in the fridge - or OUTSIDE....(leave it for about 2 hours)


Pour some very hot hot water into a bowl and place another bowl on top of it. Break up the chocolate and place it in the top bowl. Let the heat melt it. serve

1. ADULT REQUIRED - melt the chocolate

2. Pour the chocolate on the mud pie

3. Spread it out

ADD THE WORMS & ENJOY!!!!!  ...........DELICIOUS!!!!!


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