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Parent and Child Camp 2011

For the past 40 or more years, South East Berkshire scouts have been meeting for a weekend of games and fun at a weekend camp in Earleywood. We joined lots of other groups from around the County again, and this year the theme was Dr Who - very exciting for all!


The happy Sunningdale campers all arrived on Friday evening and, after some of them having trouble finding out which way round the poles should go, we put up our tent in the trees. A fire was, of course, quickly started so we could all get out the marshmallows as quickly as possible. As darkness fell, our Beavers and Cubs disappeared into the woods to explore - fortunately, to be seen safely again.


Saturday morning and, after copious amounts of fried bacon, sausages and tea (for the dads) we got ready for the fancy dress parade. We had a great selection of Doctors, baddies and our super-cyberman outfit. The building challenge for the weekend was announced - build a time machine. And one that works. Hmm. Never to be outdone by minor challenges, we set about the task with a zeal and organisation that would make Lord Sugar proud. Our solution - a fantastic machine where a little Beaver was wheeled in on a trolley and, after much whirring and pulling of levers, amazingly at the other end our Beaver had leapt forward in time and a fully grown man appeared. How did we do it? Well, that's a secret... The judges were suitably impressed.


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The Saturday afternoon was spent playing the typically crazy games - Beavers in a Basket, being led blindfold through precarious woodland, asteroid walking. Common consent - it was very fun.


After our supper - more burgers, hot dogs and similar nutritious, balanced meals - it was time for the big camp fire. All the groups had to perform a sketch or a song. After last year's success, we had Sunningdale's favourite scribe, Adam, prepare a new sketch for this year (with additional material by yours truly). After some dedicated practice earlier in the day from the Beavers, Cubs and the dads, we were ready for the big show - A Dalek for All Seasons. It went down very well with the audience (though we lost out on first prize to a nice little song by 1st Ascot). You can see the sketch here - we always strive to improve your Beaver's vocabulary. Possibly a little high-brow for the event, considering we performed between a sketch by 1st Crowthorn involving spitting in each others' ears and 6th Bracknell singing the 'Go Compare' advert song, but well done to all.


Our tired little beavers and cubs went straight to bed after that. Sunday we made our items for the 'trading post' challenge - making things such as egg timers, burglar alarms and musical instruments out of whatever we could find. We made an excellent effort and scored good marks. Particularly impressive was our huge flying craft: made out of newspaper, we inflated it with hot air over the fire. But, in both looks, size and destiny, it turned out to be the Hindenburg, crashing into the fire after its maiden flight to explode in flames. Oh, the humanity.


More games followed - more fun, more excitement and some prizes too for excellence in splatting Dr Who baddies and making cyberman collages. After packing up our tents, we left for home. For baths.


Swallow aka Christian


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