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Caving and Abseiling

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The Explorers are back from a weekend of caving and abseiling in the Mendip hills. We had a great time down the dry caves of Goatchurch Cavern, near Cheddar Gorge, squeezing through very tight spaces – some of us managed the famous ‘drainpipe’ route.Then we moved to the wet Swildons Hole – a tricky caving system, with spectacular caverns, rock formations and full-on roped descents (and ascents) of waterfalls. The drama only increased when we found a lost caver, who had to join our party to get safely to the surface.

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Go Karting at Holy Trinity

Go Karting

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Earlier this year 1st Sunningdale were fortunate to be given some fantastic go-karts (or recumbents to give them their proper name). The Explorers were the first Section to take them for a spin around the “track” in the Holy Trinity playground and word soon spread to the other Sections. Both the Scouts and the Cubs have had a go too. 

The Explorers enjoyed it so much they’ve done the go-karting a couple of times now and set some fantastic lap times to challenge the other Sections. Not content with racing these go-karts, they also built their own from scrap and raced them too.

Rafting at Bears Rails

Raft Building at Bears Rails

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The Explorers spent an afternoon and evening at the fabulous space of Bears Rails, hidden away in the north east of Windsor Great Park. It was pioneering time; the task – to build a lake-worthy raft from just natural objects that could be found nearby. Oh, and huge barrels and batons and a selection of rope.

The result was HMS Sinkable and HMS Leaky. To their credit, both made it into the water intact and there was an exciting race across the lake and back, cheered on by the Cubs who had returned from their afternoon hike.

After a healthy BBQ, there was entertainment around the camp fire and then, after the Cubs departed, a more reflective time, enjoying the spectacular pyrotechnics that Christian had brought along.