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It’s great to hear you would like to join us – welcome!

We have many children wanting to join 1st Sunningdale. Unfortunately, this does mean that our waiting lists are very long.

The success and popularity of 1st Sunningdale means every Section is always at full capacity. Our retention rate, as the Young People move from one Section to another, is around 85%. Anyone who is already part of 1st Sunningdale has priority when moving to the next Section, so unfortunately only a few places arise each term for Young People on the Waiting List.  Once added to the Waiting List you may need to wait some years to join, especially the older Sections, although applications for children under 5 to join Beavers are most likely to be successful. 

Camp at Earleywood

But all is not lost….

Becoming a Leader or Section Assistant will bypass our Waiting List and fast-track your child straight into Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers. Being a Leader is open to any adult and you can help with any Section, even if your child is in a different Section.

If you would like to join our enthusiastic team of working parent Leaders and help Young People have the adventure of their lives, please click here to find out more…

If you would like to put your child or children on the waiting list, please fill in the form below as comprehensively as possible: